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Buda Castle of Budapest, Hungary

If you ask any Hungarian, which is the most fabulous place to visit in the Hungarian Capital, Budapest. The first answer would be the exquisite bank of the river Danube. And, if you see either from the bank of the river or across the river, a classical and esthetic building fascinates you a lot. This is the Buda Castle which is a complex of the palaces of Hungarian monarchs. Buda Castle or Castle of Buda is located in the ancient part of Budapest city which is known as Budapest District and its first foundation was kept between 1247 to 1260 A.D by building a Royal residency. The oldest part of the today’s Buda Castle constructed  in the 14th century by Stephen, Duke of Slavonia, the younger brother of King Louis I of Hungary. Since then this Castle has faced a lots of destruction, reconstruction, amendments and expansions.

The Castle of Buda , Budapest

Presently only few traces of the Middle Age constructions are remaining. In the mid of the 15th century the Buda Castle was occupied by the Turks and they demolished the structure completely. The Ottoman invaders damaged a lot with the ravaging of many statues and likewise many precious volumes were taken away from the libraries. Similarly under the great siege of 1686 by the allied Christian forces , the Buda Castle was once again ruined badly. Only some of the fortifications and ancient chambers survived that were excavated later. In the eighteenth century the Buda Castle was amended by constructing a small Baroque palace but again in 1723 the palace caught fire. Somehow the reconstruction of the Buda Castle was executed by the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria as a symbol of solidarity with the Hungarians as a result of their support to her in the Austrian War of Succession.  For some period the Buda Castle was used for nunnery and educational purposes.  But the things didn’t remain the same for the Buda Castle as many conflicts emerged between the Hungarians and the Austrians afterwards and it was occupied again on 20 May 1849 by the Hungarians after a massive attack.

Buda Castle and the river Danube. Photo : Mónica Monguinhas on flickr

A splendid reconstruction of the Buda Castle happened in the era of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria who was crowned to the King of Hungary. The Buda Palace was rehabilitated and fantastic decoration and renovation took place. Precious plantation , installation of glasshouses and prismatic new terraces were made. The interior of the Buda Castle was beautified and furnished elegantly with peculiar and traditional Hungarian Art. Lastly,when the Buda Castle was established as the Royal Palace in 1912, it was certainly a spectacular epitome of architecture , applied arts , botanic collections and sculpture.

At the end of the World War II when it was under the siege of Russian Army , it was again destroyed badly. But after the war the rehabilitation of the Buda Castle started again with many archaeological researches. It was amended again and became a center of socialism. Finally at the start of the 21st century  the National Office of Cultural Heritage initiated a long term development plan of the Buda Castle. Today, Buda Castle of Budapest, Hungary is a complex of the Hungarian National gallery, traditional artwork of Hungary , Szechenyi  National Library and the Budapest Historic museum.

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