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The Caves of Slovakia

Slovakia is world famous for its caves destinations. The transformation of these wonderful caves occurred due to the millions of years natural exertion of water , air and rocks. According to an estimate Slovakia has more than 4,000 caves , several of which are still undiscovered. These caves are considered as natural monuments of Slovakia and some of them are open for general public. Some of the notable caves of Slovakia are as under ;

Dobsinska Ice Cave :

This is one of the most beautiful cave of Slovakia and it is truly declared as the Slovak Paradise.  This ice cave is located near the mining town of Dobšiná and it was discovered by Eugen Ruffinyi in 1870. The volume of the ice assessed at Dobsinska Ice Cave is almost 125,000 cubic meters. This cave was incorporated as the UNESCO World Natural Heritage in 2000.

Dobsinka Ice Cave often referred as Slovak Paradise

Domica Cave :

Domica Cave is located alongside the Hungry Slovak border. It is situated in the Slovak province of Roznava and it was discovered by Jan Majko in 1926. This miraculous cave comprise of several underground natural rooms and chambers. The most fascinating part of this cave is the waterfalls point and the Majko Hall which is the meeting point of numerous underground corridors. Boat trip facility is also provided to explore this spectacular cave.

Domica cave of Slovakia is famous for its boating trip. Imge : Ing. M. Rengevic

Jasovska Cave :

Jasovska Cave is famous for pagoda-shaped stalagmites, waterfalls, scallops and anthodites. The amazing natural corrosion process has created cathedral and dome shaped configurations. Some of the astounding channels include the Velky Dome ( the largest ) , Labyrinth, Bat’s Hall, Jewellery Room, Tiger Passage and White Dome. Another amazing factor of Jasovska cave is the finding of the archaeological notices dating back to 15th century A.D that are engraved on its walls. This cave is situated in the Jasov village of Kosice-country district.

Jasovska cave of Slovakia is known for dome shaped formations.

Bystrianska Cave :

The name of the Bystrianska Cave is derived from the river Bystrianska which flows across the Bytra village and valley. This cave has the most easiest access and it is particularly famous for its colourful formations. The approximate length of this gorgeous cave is 3000 meters and the most attractive place is its zigzag riverbed which is located in the deepest part of  Bystrianska Cave.

Bystrianska Cave of Slovakia. Image Courtesy : Ing. M. Rengevic

Ochtinská Aragonite Cave :

In the marvellous landscape of the Slovak Metalliferous Mountains, the Ochtinská Aragonite Cave is located with its aragonite crystal shining galaxies. The beautiful white formations of this cave comprise of the aragonite offshoots which are found in kidney shaped , needle shaped and in the spiral forms. The Milky Way Hall is the most exquisite part of this cave, where amazing ellipsoidal compositions are worth seen.

Ochtinská Aragonite Cave Slovakia with amazing aragonite figures

Gombasecka Cave :

This cave is included in the UNESCO ‘s World Natural Heritage list due to its fabulous beauty and nature. The Gombasecka Cave is so unique for its quill shaped frozen formations, some of which are really exceptional and having a length of more than 3 meters. The Marble Hall and the Hiroshima Hall are just phenomenal for their colorful crystallizations.

The fantastic Gombasecka cave of Slovakia. Image Courtesy : Ing.M.Rengevic

There are many other splendid caves which are open for the visitors like Demanovska Cave of Liberty , Driny Cave , Harmanecka Cave , Dead Bats Cave , Vazecka Cave and many others. The Caves of Slovakia have become the most interesting places to be visited in the Slovak Republic. The acquaintance with these superb wonders of nature mark unforgettable influences on their visitors.

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