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Bran Castle : The Dracula fortress in Romania

They are eager to tell you with an offer of traditional meal , the tales of their folklore. This is for not only that they want to share it with you. But , in fact, the Romanians are very hospitable and courteous.  The curiosity to know the super rich culture of Romania, forced us to explore this awesome European country. There is tremendous stuff  in Romanian culture for which the Romanians are truly proud of, but one majestic and mythical building which fascinates a lot is located in the famous and historic Transylvania. This is probably is the most talked about archaeological site of Romania. It is the Bran Castle, the landmark monument of Romania which is usually known as Dracula Castle or Dracula fortress and that was built by the knights of  Teutonic order in 1212.

Bran Castle ( Dracula Castle of Romania ) Photo by Soulwise for flickrstream

Bran Castle is associated with the famous legend as it was the home of  the titular character in Bram Stoker‘s Dracula. But there is no solid proof of his presence ever in the castle. Some people believe that Vlad Tepes ( the Dracula ) was kept in the torture cell of the castle for few days. Nowadays Bran Castle  is a site , more than a museum in which the historic artifacts and furniture of the Romanian queen “Marie Alexandra Victoria” are displayed.  Her collection includes the traditional skills , crafts, curtains and other household goods which she kept to highlight the Romanian culture. Bran Castle remained as the royal residency until its seizure by the communists in 1948.

Brian Castle - Interior Courtyard with well

The main structure of Bran Castle was constructed by the Saxons of Brasov in 1377 under the regime of the King Louis of Hungary, with a purpose of safeguarding the southern borders of Transylvania from the attacks of  the Ottoman Empire. Later the Bran castle was used as a custom post on the pass between Transylvania and Wallachia. Although the architectural style of Bran Castle is so rigid yet it has gone through many renovations and transformations, especially when it remained under the possession of the Queen Marie, who changed the fortress as a comfortable dwelling place. The large dining room of Bran Castle was decorated in the style of German Renaissance and similarly many other saloons like the Yellow Saloon , Saxon room of Prince Nicolae , Tyrolese room , Guest House , stables for the horses and many other dwellings were furnished in accordance with the typical sovereign style.

In 2006 the ownership of the Bran Castle was awarded back by the Romanian government to Archduke Dominic of Austria-Tuscan who is the son of  Princess Ileana , the daughter of Queen Marie. Nowadays Bran Castle , the Dracula fortress of Romania  is one of the most attractive  tourist destination of the country which amuses its visitors by its architectural style , its legend , medieval art and obviously with the adorable antiquities. It is also been declared as the National Monument by the Romanian government.

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