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San Fermin festival of Pamplona, Spain

Pamplona the historic city of Spain hosts the famous San Fermin festival every year in the month of July. Pamplona is actually  the heart of the Basque Country and it is also the capital of Navarra. Navarra is one of Spain’s 17 autonomous communities. The historic significance of Pamplona can be judged by this that this fabulous city was founded by the Romans thousands of years ago. The splendid location of Pamplona actually caused the human civilization to flourish over here centuries ago. There are beautiful rivers , valleys , mountains and obviously Cantabrian sea to attract millions of visitors to Pamplona. But besides this all the key charm of Pamplona is the week lasting festival of San Fermin or Los Sanfermines which is held annually in the memory of Saint Fermin who played a vital role to spread Christianity in the Roman era.

Crowd at San Fermin Festival, Image : Funny Funda

Ernest Miller Hemingway who was a part of literary expatriates, actually brought Pamplona in lime light through his famous work “The Sun Also Rises”, in which he described the geographic beauty and the amazing traditions of Pamplona. The celebrations of San Fermin festival begin with Chupinazo which is a rocket launching activity from a city hall balcony at 12 p.m on 6th of July. Thousands of locals start to share their enthusiasm by following this. On 7th of July a massive procession reach the great antique statue of Saint Fermin and the tribute is presented by dancing and other ritual performances.

Running of the Bulls at San Fermin Festival. Image :

 The most enticing activity of the San Fermin festival is the running of the bulls in which thousands of volunteers participate by running in front of gargoyle bulls. This all happens on an ancient narrow street of Pamplona which is 825 meters long. The participants are not professional bull fighters but mostly are the jovial youngsters over 18 years of age. Some courageous females also run in front of the bulls as this is entirely a dangerous game. This run ends ultimately into the Pamplona’s bullring  where the Bullfighting matches are held. This tradition is continued since decades although many killings have occurred and hundreds of participants get injured annually. But the passion and zeal is ongoing.

Giants and Big heads parade at San Fermin Festival

 Giants and big-heads parade is anther awesome event of San Fermin festival which is conducted every day in the morning to commemorate the eight giant figures painted by Tadeo Amorena in 1860. These figures include 4 pairs of Kings and Queens who represent the four continents of the world , Asia , Europe , Africa and America. The giant figures dance with the beats of traditional music during the parade.There are several other amusing activities of San Fermin festival like Bullfighting , traditional sports events , fireworks etc. The long week celebrations of San Fermin festival of Pamplona , Spain are no doubt a collection of  fascinating event in which the locals warmly welcome the outsiders and the festive spirits are kept high and equal for all.


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