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Hanfu, the classical Chinese dress

The traditional Han dressings of Peoples republic of China reflect the inclusive spirit of Chinese culture. This is known as Han Chinese Clothing , Hanzhuang or very commonly as Hanfu. Hanfu has great historical background and it is one of the great inheritance from Han Chinese race to the Chinese heritage. Although these days Hanfu is used normally in festivals , ceremonies and as a hobby but its cultural significance is never minimized. The Hanfu costumes are  being prepared these days for casual and formal dressings also.

Hanfu Clothing

Hanfu clothing was originated by the Han ethnic people during the reigns of three Emperors and Five Sovereigns to the Ming Dynasty. This classy clothing include ” Y ” shaped cross collar without the limitations of any button and fastening of robe or a belt and thus providing a sensation of comfort and freed. Presently the descendants of  this largest ethnic group use Hanfu with modernized and modified patterns. However in the rural areas of China , still the classical peasants are being used. The accessories of the Han dress  include the hair ornaments , the males and females wear their hair in a coil and hold it in place with a hairpin. The main raw materials used in preparing of Han clothes  are flax, silk, cotton, woolen cloth, leather and likewise.

Hanfu classical dress

In the festive occasions of China , the use of classic Han dress is very common. The participants of the traditional parades and processions exhibit themselves by wearing the classical Hanfu dresses. Confucius always preferred Han Clothing as necessary part of Chinese ritual ceremonies. In China , many efforts are being made to bring back the ancient Hanfu costumes in common usage.

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