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Eiffel Tower: The tallest monument of France

The tallest monument commemorating the centenary of the French Revolution is the Eiffel tower ( In French la Tour Eiffel) of France. The Eiffel Tower is 81 stories, or 1,063 feet tall, and it is  the tallest building of Paris, France. It was constructed in 1889 for the Exposition Universalle, an International Exhibition as its unique memento. Primarily it was supposed to be constructed in Barcelona, Spain for the Universal Exposition of 1889, but due to its heavy cost and improper infrastructure in Barcelona the idea was dropped. Hundreds of proposals were submitted by the designers from all over the world but Gustave Eiffel’s was selected as the architect for this great monument. At that time Eiffel did not have idea surely that Eiffel Tower will become the most paid visiting site of the world. The cost incurred on this building  was $1.5 million at that time, which was all recovered in the first year after its inauguration from ticket sales for “elevator rides.”

Eiffel Tower ,Paris ( France )

With the utmost skill of more than 300 steelworkers, the construction of Eiffel tower took almost three years and it was completed in 1889. 2.5 million rivets and 15,000 other iron pieces were used in its making and a total number of 1652 steps were constructed to reach its top. Similarly 40 tons of paint was used to colorize the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower was almost torn down in 1909, but survived because of its antenna that was used for telegraphy at that time. Beginning in 1910 it became the part of International Time Service. French radio (since 1918), and French Television (since 1957) also used the Eiffel top for their broadcasting. In 1909 the Eiffel tower became more important for the means of communication as it was begun to be used as the broadcasting for the radio and television stations. Even presently the Eiffel Tower is used for the broadcasting of 4 radio and 6 television stations. The French Army has also used it as symbol of domination specially in the First Battle of Marne.

A fabulous view of Eiffel Tower , the tallest monument of France

The interesting fact about the color of the Eiffel Tower is that it is not painted in single color scheme. Throughout its age the Eiffel tower used to be painted in various colors. Today, it is painted in synthetic and silicone based “Eiffel Tower brown,” similar to the color of milk chocolate, and it is used in three very slightly different shades at different elevations of the tower (higher elevations ).  The names of 72 French scientists and other famous personalities of France are also engraved on the sides of the tower in 60-cm letters just beneath the first platform.

 The night view of the  Eiffel Tower is just tremendous as it is illuminated by more than 350 sodium-vapor lamps. The Tower is further equipped with revolving searchlights at the summit, and countless tiny flash lamps that make the tower sparkle for the first ten minutes of every hour in the evenings. There are two restaurants in the Eiffel Tower,  Jules Verde and Altitude 95. Although both are very expensive but the visitors prefer to refresh themselves considering it as matter of long lasting memory and prestige. Eiffel Tower , the tallest monument of France attracts almost 200 million visitors every year. Without any exaggeration it is not false to say that the Eiffel Tower is one of the most distinguished landmarks in the world which even today dominates the skyline of Paris.



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