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Wazir Khan Mosque of Lahore

Wazir Khan Mosque of Lahore  is truly admired as epitome of architectural excellence. The majestic building reflects the gorgeous culture of the region. The phenomenal calligraphic work and the amazing floral patterns are just magnificent.

Wazir Khan Mosque of Lahore is located in the walled city ( ancient Lahore ) and it can be accessible through the momentous Delhi Gate.

Wazir Khan Mosque of Lahore

It was constructed by Shaikh Ilm-ud-din Ansari, who was a well known physician of Chiniot, another historic town of Punjab under the hegemony of the Mughal Emperor Shahab u Din Shah Jehan in 1635 AD. He was the court physician of the Mughal emperor and was later promoted as the Governor of Lahore due to his services. He also received the ministerial title ‘Wazir Khan‘, that’s why the mosque became famous as Wazir Khan Mosque afterwards.

A view of the big courtyard of Wazir Khan Mosque of Lahore

Wazir Khan Mosque is built with simplicity but grace as small red brick tiles are used in the construction of this amazing structure which is commonly known as Guttka Tiles  and the marble work is applied only on the brackets and general decoration. The fine plaster on the walls of the mosque is delicately coated which has made the stoned surface so smooth and gentle. There are five main compartments of Wazir Khan Mosque and each one of them is consisting of large courtyard obscured by a dome. The largest of all these is known as “Prayer Hall ” having a framed entrance and delightful interior. The majestic eight minarets of the mosque further glorify the building. Beautiful Kashi work in the rectangular panels have made the deep reddish plaster long lasting and secure.

Wazir Khan Mosque of Lahore is also popular for the tomb of Syed Muhammad Ishaq, known as Miran Badshah which is existing in the central courtyard. He was a saint from Iran in the Turkish era who finally got settled in Lahore. Like many other religious sites the inner atmosphere is very peaceful and soothing.

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