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Dhole, the Asiatic wild dog

Dhole is an endangered specie of wild dogs which belongs to the family “Caniade”. Dhole, the Asiatic wild dog is a native of South East Asia and sometimes its classification becomes so confusing for the biologists to consider it whether in the family of foxes , wild dogs or wolves. Dhole is normally seen in red colored rusty fur but its color can be varied in different regions. Dhole’s natural habitats are the tropical forests of South East Asia but it is also found in few number in the meadows of Kashmir and Siberia. Now its population which is under extreme threat of extinction is scattered in Russia , India , Indonesia , Malaysia and China.

Dholes-in-pack. Image © Thomas & Shilpy

Dhole ,like other foxes and dogs is a carnivore. Usually Dhole’s diet include deer , hares and wild boars on availability. The adult dhole can obtain the approximate body length of 100 cm with a tail of almost 40 cm long. The average weight of dhole may be of 14 to 16 KG. The female dhole can give birth of 10-12 puppies and the breading season is considered from November to April. Normally dholes are seen in a pack of 8-10 in number and they search and hunt the prey together. But dholes can also hunt the smaller prey like hares individually.

Presently dhole is suffering from many dangers and it is under IUCN’s highly endangered list. Dhole, the Asiatic wild dog is mainly threatened by habitat destruction , human persecution and various diseases. The massive explosion of human population is resulting in the elimination of the natural landscapes where dholes can live.

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