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Tasty, Traditional Arabian Dessert: Knafeh

Arabic people are crazy for Knafeh which is extremely popular dessert in Arabic region. It is known with the name of shredded phyllo also. It is closely related to its cousin Qata’if. It tastes like sophisticated pastry which is normally prepared with clotted cream and pistachio nuts soaked in syrup. No clear evidence of its origin are determined but some evidences are recorded in the ancient cooking recipes of Egypt regarding some desserts almost like Knafeh.

Traditional Arabian Dessert, Knafeh

Traditional Arabian Dessert, Knafeh

Cheese is an important ingredient in preparation of Knafeh, the Arabian dessert. Normally mozzarella (Italian Cheese) is soaked in a bowl of water for several hours. In the other material of Knafeh include Qataifi noodles that are grinded in very small pieces and mixed with bread crumbs , butter and syrup. Then this typical flour and water batter is spread into a pan with thin layer and pressed down very well. Meanwhile mozzarella is blended in a very fine manner and it is combined with milk and farina. Finally this all cheese mixture is poured over dough and placed in the oven and it is cooked for about 40 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Some bakers also decorate the Knafeh with ground pistachio and serve warm with simple syrup.

However the recipes and ingredients of Kunafe may slightly differ in various Arab countries. But whatever the recipe will be of Knafeh , it is hot favorite dessert in Arab world. Even in Palestine, a city is famous only for Knafeh, the Arabian dessert  which is known as Nablus .

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