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The Native American Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey ( Meleagris gallopavo) is a large aboriginal  bird specie from North America which is famously known for its unique physique. The Native American Wild Turkeys apparently resemble just like the domesticated Turkey which is actually the off spring of Wild Turkey.Originally Wild Turkey had many species which are extinct by now and their traces can be fond from almost 23 millions ago. Meleagris ocellata  is also another specie of Wild Turkey which belongs to the forests of the Yucatán Peninsula.

MALE WILD TURKEY ; Webshots Image uploaded by Poppygan1

The Wild Turkey has a large, fan-shaped tail and muscular pink colored  legs. The Wild Turkey has bald head and neck with a small down curving beak. A fleshly lobe of skin is hanging from their neck and chin. They have very unique black tipped  body feathers and in the body of male Wild Turkey the areas of red, purple, green, copper, bronze, and gold iridescence feathers are found. The male Wild Turkey has a beard on his chest and an upwardly curving spur on his lower legs.  The female Wild Turkey with a feathered neck has brown tipped body feathers and she doesn’t have a beard. Her body size is smaller than the male. The average weight of male Wild Turkey is 8.2 KG while the female has an average weight of 3.2 KG. The typical vocalization of Wild Turkey are of various types which vary from their mood and seasons.

Wild Turkey is an agile and clever bird which can fly and move very quickly assessing the danger. The Wild Turkeys don’t fly too much above the land and they can fly for 400 to 500 meters.  In the Spring season the male Wild Turkey gobbles in a very delightful manner to attract her female and his gobbling can be listened from a mile. During the breeding season the female can lay up to 15 buff colored eggs  and she incubates the eggs for 25-31 days. The chicks or poults leave the nest shortly after hatching. Basically the Wild Turkeys being the omnivore can eat acorns, nuts, seeds, fruits, insects, buds fern fronds and salamanders.The Wild Turkey has so much significance in the Native American culture. Their meat and eggs are both favorites for the Americans as food. The feathers of Wild Turkeys also often made their way into the rituals and headgear of many indigenous tribes . Many ritual dances have been inspired by the movements of The Native American Wild Turkey.

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