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The crispy Belgian Waffles

Belgium has a long waffle making tradition which is traced back to the Middle Ages, and nowadays the Belgian bakers make many varieties of wafflesThe crispy Belgian Waffles are normally known for their larger size, lighter concoction and higher grid pattern which is shaped into deep pockets and have bigger squares. These are made up of crispy golden brown exterior and inside light creamy filling.

The Crispy Belgian Waffles. Photo Courtesy : Peanut Butter Fingers Blog

In Belgium two kinds of waffles are very common. The first one of these are Brussels Waffles which are featured for their mash consisting of yeast, eggs and melted butter. These are lighter in characteristic as compare to other Belgian Waffles. After their baking fresh fruit , syrup , chocolates or other likewise materials can also be added in these waffles and thus make this dessert too tasty. The second one of Belgian Waffles are known as Liege Waffles which are heavier than the former one and is prepared with nuggets of sugar and ultimately it is covered by marginally burnt coating. This is take away food and it can be eaten in casual styles.

These crispy Belgian Waffles are very commonly available in the bakeries of Belgium and on the streets these can also be purchased from the vendors. The Belgian Waffles are often eaten as a breakfast food. The locals eat them both in warm and cold forms. The Belgian Waffles  have a great popularity In North America as well, and normally they are served with butter (or margarine) and maple syrup or with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit (such as strawberries) as a dessert.

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