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Broadway Tower of England

Broadway Tower of England is having a very prismatic history in the United Kingdom. Broadway Tower was constructed in 1799 and it was designed by the famous architect of that times James Wyatt.  The legend attributed to the construction of  Broadway Tower is that it was constructed between Spring hill and the Earl’s family estate at Croome Court near Worcester by the 6th Earl of Coventry so that the Earl’s family estate could be viewed from the tower. Whatever could be the reason, but Broadway Tower is truly one of England‘s outstanding viewpoints. It is possible to survey an area which includes as many as thirteen counties.

Broadway Tower of England . Image : Wikipidia

The building of the Broadway Tower of England has remained the well known printing press of Sir Thomas Williams who established it as  his world famous treasure of ancient manuscripts. Broadway Tower was also kept as a rustic dwelling for pre-Raphaelite artists by William Morris and it remained the residence of the eminent architect Sir Arthur Evans for his working and study. Presently the Broadway Tower country Park is favorite for the exhibitions related to its past and it is having great tourist attraction although it is privately kept.

There is also a memorial to the crew of 5 of a Royal Air Force Whitley Bomber, killed when it crashed here during an operational training flight on June 2nd 1943 near the Broadway Tower of England. Also there is an old Royal Observer Corps post assimilating a nuclear bunker. The historic monument of Broadway Tower of England offer a unique paragon of British legacy for the visitors willing to experience great English heritage in an awesome location.

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