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Bibi Khanum Mosque of Samarkand,Uzbekistan

One of the memorable constructions built in Central Asia is known as ” Bibi Khanum Mosque ” situated in Samarkand , the capital of Uzbekistan. This distinguished structure Bibi Khanum Mosque of Samarkand,Uzbekistan was dreamt up by Amir Taimur ( Tamerlane ) as a memorial of dedication to his beloved wife  “Sarai Mulk “Bibi” Khanum ” who was a Mongolian princess and daughter of Kaankhan , the Khan of Chughtai province. ” Bibi Khanum” connotes to ” The great lady ” as she enjoyed the supreme status in all of the queens of the emperor Taimur.

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Nowadays Bibi Khanum Mosque is only a monumental ruin for the visitors as the most of its parts have been deteriorated. The factors for reckoning of Bibi Khanum Mosque of Samarkand , Uzbekistan were the earthquakes and nowadays its structure is containing only one third of its original construction. Although Soviets restored Bibi Khanum Mosque it in 1974 but curtailed its size smaller. The magnum opus is consisting of two large pishtaqs around a courtyard. It consists of four buildings: the major mosque, two minor mosques and the entrance arch. The view of its two portals along with the existing doom is also a worth to watch. Bibi Khanum Mosque was a great structure of its times as hundreds of stonemasons were brought from world over by Tamerlane. Heavy stones were bulldozed that were fetch from remote mountains by the laborers and almost one hundred elephants from India were also brought in Samarkand to trundle the massive blocks.

Taimur Tamerlane was delirious to make  Bibi Khanum Mosque of Samarkand,Uzbekistan as one of the largest mosque n the world after his plundering of Delhi in 1398, and endeavored it to be the most majestic in the world. The Uzbek government in 1990s started a large scale reanimation work of this marvelous antiquity. They were succeed in its considerable refurbishing and today Bibi Khanum Mosque is existing somehow with its glories.

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