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Balos: the breathtaking beach of Greece

In the northwest of Greece an island ” Greece of Crete ”  is a lagoon, which perfectly resembles lagoons of the Caribbean. It is determined the best beach of Greece and is commonly known as  Balos Beach offering the crystal-clear waters, amazing white sand and purplish blue sea views. Balos , the breathtaking Beach of Greece is preserved without any human interventions and having no taverns, parasols or deck chairs. Balos is no doubt one of the most magnificent parts of Crete and all over Greece.

Beautiful Ship on Gramvusa Lagoon , Balos. Image Courtesy : Hfassourakis for TAKE EARTH

Balos beach is an extra special site full of marvelous landscapes. Its white and sparkling sand covers the bottom of the sea and endows to the sea an emerald color. The stimulating island of  Gramvoussa is located in front of this spectacular beach and  the Geroskinos mountain lies on its back on an altitude of 762 m.  The Korykon cape is in its north which is well known for the remains of the ancient small Roman city of Agnion, with a temple of the god Apollo. Nearby lying the Gramvoussa castle also carry a cool attraction for the visitor. The castle was built between 1579 and 1584 by the Venetians. It was already destroyed in 1588 when thunder struck on the powder store. The castle was reconstructed  again in 1630. It is almost triangular in shape and each side is 1000 meters long.

The raw beauty of Balos, the breathtaking beach of Greece is without any exaggeration so much immaculate and worth seen. Although it has an extraordinary location but several cruises that leave from Kissamos ensure comfortable access to the Balos Beach.

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