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Antiguan Racer – The rarest snake on earth

Alsophis antiguae which is famous with the name of The Antiguan Racer , its number has been increased now up to 600 almost after 1995. This happened due to the splendid conservation efforts done to save this the rarest specie on earth. The Antigua Racer the rarest snake on earth has its homeland in the Great Bird Island,  a very small island which is located three kilometers away from the coast of Antigua. It is found nowhere else on earth.

Alsophis antiguae or Antiguan Racer

The Antiguan Racer is from the inoffensive snake species and it belongs to the family Colubridae,  and like many other racers of Caribbean its genus is Alsophis.  All of them are really in endangered lists but  Alsophis antiguae is in ultimate danger.The male adult racer can be about 1 meter long with brownish dots on its skin while female can be a bit longer  with females being larger than the males and have silvery-gray with pale brown patches and markings.  The Antiguan Racer is a camouflaged carnivore in nature and the Antiguan Ground Lizard is its favorite prey. It takes its diet once in every two weeks  and it hides itself in the leaves of trees for hunting.

The life of the Antiguan Racer was threatened when this area was colonized and popularized by humans in sixteenth century. Due to this the rats were also imported over here and the rats started feed themselves with the eggs of Antiguan Racer . The population of the rats further increased and the farmers of the area introduced mongoose in order to get rid of these black rats. But the situation got inverse as the mongoose started killing the Antiguan Racers and in some years only they were almost diminished totally. However after 1995 the snake biologists started their conservation program and their number has been increased significantly. Still more efforts are required to safeguard this rare snake specie on earth because it is further threatened from climatic changes and hurricanes.


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