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The Floating Mosque of Jeddah

The majestic floating mosque of Jeddah is one of the ‘must see’  for the visitors to the second largest city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The floating mosque is constructed on the coast of the Red Sea and its view gives the impression of the floating of the mosque. This mosque is also known as the White Mosque of Jeddah.

This fabulous mosque is a blend of modern architecture with ancient Islamic building art and it has been facilitated with the latest technology and equipment especially sound systems. Being a sacred site it attracts a number of visitors to perform prayers and also to see this unique worship place of Muslims.The mosque is decorated in a very beauteous way from inside. The fantastic interior decor, the architectural style and perfectly illuminated rooftop provide a great mental comfort to the visitor. The praying space is so huge that a large numbers of persons can offer the prayer in one time. The ablution places, washrooms and worship halls are made so convenient and magnificently equipped.

The Floating Mosque at Jeddah, KSA - Image: Ahmed Shokeir

The Floating Mosque at Jeddah, KSA - Image: Ahmed Shokeir

Jeddah is a city of mixed cultures and communities where hundreds of thousands of foreigners are residing. Due to the amazing location of the floating mosque, it is a source of meditation for all the people belonging to various beliefs living in Jeddah.

The view of the floating mosque at dawn is so incredible. The admixture of dim sunlight and the glittering lights of the mosque present a very relaxing experience to the viewer. Due to its existence right on the beach of the Red Sea, the climate becomes so pleasant in the night.

Floating Mosque of Jeddah

Floating Mosque of Jeddah, Image © jsonmagdamit (flickr)

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