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Spanish Flamenco Dance

Flamenco denotes the typical dancing art from Spain having a special recognition from Southern Spain.  The Flamenco was started in the 18th century by Aundalusians  an autonomous community of Spain with their traditional music and dance. It will be quite right to say that Andalusian gypsies are the inventors of Flamenco. Nowadays it is so popular that many countries of the world have the Flamenco dancing academies and recently UNESCO declared Flamenco one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Flamenco Dance of Gypsies in Spain

Flamenco Dance

Flamenco is a solo dance featured with the body movements like clapping, footwork along with drumming, and shaking the arms and the hands in quite abstruse style. Technically to learn the Flamenco dance  a great deal of time practice and perfection is required. The dancers have to follow a very strict framework of rhythmic patterns. Although like many other forms of dancing, the stepping in Flamenco is also dependent on the playback music and singing but probably the expression on the face of the Flamenco dancer while dancing are more zealous and exuberant than any other dancer.

The Flamenco music is known as palos which can be further classified into three kinds. Cante jondo is the somber kind of palos music and Cante chico is comparatively light medium of Palos. Cante intermedio is the form of Palos carrying other sorts of expressions.

Many artists around the globe have got immense popularity while performing Flamenco. In present times .Camaron de la Isla is the most famous in the male category and  Carmen Linares is said to be the best  female artist  in traditional Flamenco singing and dancing of the modern era.

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