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Rilli, Sindhi Quilt Art

Pakistan is world famous for its unique handmade products. One of these is Rilli which is significant part of Sindhi culture. The women of this region possess special skills to manufacture this hand-crafted quilt called Rilli. They use fabrics of different sizes and colors to prepare a Rilli.

Sindhi Rilli, Quilt Art

Rilli is mostly used as bed sheets, quilts, wall hangings and shawls. The art and colors of Rilli are fascinating and represent various cultural elements of rural Sindh. Rilli is also a popular gift item and can be purchased in many verities at most handicrafts shops.

Multi-colored pieces of cloths are stitched together in different ways to prepare a Rilli which is usually used as a quilt with colorful stitched fabrics as top cover and multiple layers of cotton fabric as inside filler. It is skillfully stitched from one corner and around the border till all surface thread-work reaches the center.

In the typical rural areas of Sindh, Rilli is much more than a household or gift item. It is part and parcel of a bride’s dowry articles. Girls start weaving Rilli in their childhood with the hopes of a happy and prosperous marital life.

These days Rilli is also used in interior designs as decoration item or in upholstery. Inspirations of Rilli can be seen in textile and fashion garments these days.

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