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Sweet, Turkish Baklava

Baklava is a pastry of pistachio or walnut filled in fluffy and crispy layers of dough. It is flavorful, it is mouthwatering and it is unforgettable – in fact, Baklava is love at first bite.

Traditionally Baklava is prepared with phyllo dough, nuts (almonds, pistachio or walnut), cinnamon and honey syrup and decorated with silver foils. Baklava is believed to be a culinary mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean confectionery. The origin of Baklava is traced to the Byzantine Empire and is known as a Turkish dessert; however, there are several verities of Baklava prepared in the Middle East and other countries. Within Turkey, there are several variations of Baklava such as şöbiyet, bülbül yuvası, saray sarması, sütlü nuriye, and sarı burma.

Turkish Baklava

Baklava is a best selling items at oriental confectioneries and restaurants where it is served with coffee or Turkish chai.

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