Travel blogging is one of the most fun forms of content creation; when done correctly. It has the opportunity to be playful, colorful, and entirely out of the box. This form of video has the ability to capture attention easily and keep users coming back for more.

But the biggest challenge is how to create a video that does not look like every other video? Since there is a barrage of videos on the internet, it’s essential to stand out; these pointers will help you get closer to this goal.

What Makes Your Video Different?

Content Originality.

The single more important thing about making video blogs is finding your voice. When there is enough content on the internet, seeking impressions and learning techniques is a part of the process. But it’s important to carve your own niche.

Find a handful, maybe five-six aspects of a video that are yet to be explored and make them your own. This process will help establish an identity for your work. Do not replicate destinations and activities if you cannot put your original spin on it.

Creative Edit.

The same is valid for editing. When you edit videos online or offline, you will learn that many templates can help you make these videos faster. Over time you must find your style and unique set of transitions.

Simple differentiations like a unique text animation or a trade-mark short is something you must be on the lookout for.

Sound Design.

Music is the spine of a video. It is essential that you use it not as a task but as a means to establish mood and enhance the video’s impact. Do not hesitate to use more than one soundtrack to each footage if needed.

Sound design will help take your video to the next level. This is a process where you use sounds-effects and foley sounds to create a punch in each frame. Like the sounds of the water crashing or the engine of a car — do not restrict yourself to the camera and recorder audio; go a step further and furnish them.

Colour Correction.

Be it Sam Kolder or Peter Mekenon – they all have their own unique video tonalities. These are color corrections styles or patterns that make your videos distinct. You know a Sam Kolder video when you see one, for the subtle use of teal and orange tints set his videos apart.

This characteristic will also take time to establish, but you must make a conscious effort to look out for it.

Tips and Tricks For New Travel Bloggers.

Those four fundamental factors will help you find your voice and set your videos apart from the clutter. Here are a few tricks that you can incorporate in your videos too. While they can be directly applied, these tricks might also help trigger fresher ideas.

1. Intro and Outro

These are fixed opening and closing sections of your video that introduce you, your work, and your video. Have a consistent intro and outro will create consistent branding for your videos. These are easy to make using an outro maker, which is available for free on the internet.

Over time, just like a cartoon opening jingle, this intro and outro of the video will be embedded in the viewers’ minds.

2. Showcase Yourself.

Nothing can make a video more original than yourself. Bring in a personal touch, and make each video your own. Do not be afraid to talk to the camera or showcase yourself in an absurd situation. If you wish to create a loyal audience for your content, the following must know who you are.

3. Apply Branding

Brading does not mean you must sell products; it means you must be a brand yourself. Simple steps like wearing your company t-shirt, or using a specific style of shooting, or following a particular format in all your videos — all of these factors will help establish a brand for yourself.

This brand also means you do not stick to just making vlogs. Writing blogs, being active on social media, etc., will help generate the traffic to sustain this venture.

4. Collaboration

Collaborating with other content creators in the same space or different domains will not help you stand out, but it will provide you an easy platform to increase your following. Collaborations are the best way to find new users, and showcase your work to people outside your niche demographic.

5. Varied POV shots

It is easy to get carried away by tried and tested shorts when shooting travel vlogs. It’s essential to be on the lookout for unique perceptions. Watching the work of others is an excellent way to discover unique camera placements.

One trick you can use is shooting from varied POV. Varied POV means that instead of the camera showing your point-of-video, it could record a dog’s or a car’s perspective or any other video subjects.

6. The 15-Second Rule.

Another problem travel vloggers face is the abundance of footage—some times scaling in the terabytes. This rule helps may-a-editors find the best footage from each trip and compile beautiful videos.

The best way to optimize footage is by only shooting footage for 15-seconds at a time. This process will keep your footage concise and to the point, making it easy to sort them during the edit.

7. Get Feedback

Constructive criticism is your best teacher in the creative world. Criticism does not mean you dilute your vision based on others’ opinions. Showing your work to a set of friends and family members will help them spot superficial flaws that you, as a creator, might miss.

This process is also a great way to avoid repetition and stagnation. Over time, you might fall into a pattern, making all your videos look the same. Only a fresh pair of eyes can help you spot this mistake.

Final Thoughts,

There are two main ways to stand out from the clutter. You can do things differently, or do different things. The more consistent and engaging content you provide to your users, the deeper your following grows.