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Impact of 3d printing affecting the design industry

3D printing or Additive manufacturing is revolutionising the world. What exactly does it mean? You can get three-dimensional physical objects printed right out of a printer. Wait, this is a different kind of a printer. So far, traditional printing was restricted to two dimensions.

This fabulous technology goes one step further- it creates 3d objects right from a digital file. How does it do that? Successive layers of the object are laid down one after another, thus building it up from bottom to top. This is, thus, an additive or incremental process. The layers can be visualised as thin horizontal cross-sectional slices of the object. The virtual design of the object is created using CAD. The great advantage of 3d printers to designers and manufacturers is that you do not have to do everything in one place; you can spread it out such as production could be in one place and design in another.

Impact of 3d printing affecting the design industry

3d printing technology has affected industry as we know it, as it now makes possible mass production of objects according to needs and requirements. Unlike traditional manufacturing and production, where different products would need different kinds of equipment for t heir manufacture, 3d printing of diverse objects can be carried out in the same space. Currently, the industry is expected to grow from 3.07 billion to 21 billion revenues by the year 2020.The increasing usage of 3d Printing is expected to lead to a situation where manufacturing and production is customised as per demands of customers.

No other industry would be expected to feel as keenly the effect of 3d Printing, as the design industry. 3d printers will change the way designers create designs. It is definitely bound to have impact on the speed and efficiency with which designers can come up with unique and interesting designs, tailored to the demands of their customers.

Encourages demand for work

Many brands are already using 3D printing in their design process as it helps them a lot in streamlining their manufacturing process. The use of 3D printing saves a lot of time. The designing and printing can be done within the company, without the need for external inputs. Previously, it was a more long drawn out process with many stages including the requirement of a product on which the new design would be made. Designers can expect increased demands for different kinds of designs now that there are ways to get them printed efficiently. Manufacturing would be more efficient, faster. Testing can be done in small batches before the large scale production of the product. This saves time, money and resources.

Encourages creativity

Artists and designers can see opportunities for creative efforts increase. Earlier the limits of production would have restricted designers from using the full extent of their powers. But with 3d printing liberating the manufacturers from various constraints, designers can come out with more interesting and exciting ideas that would definitely find a market. With the increased availability of 3d printing to a larger number of people, there would be increased pressure on designers to come out with more quality designs. Designers from various fields are stimulated to produce new ways and designs- ranges from designers of bi

Impact of 3d printing affecting the design industry

Customers get to play a more pro-active role

Whereas earlier designers had the major role in determining the kind of design to go into production, now customers will play an increasing role. Their needs and specifications would now be accommodated by designer. The designer was earlier producing designs for a larger group of people; now his clientele could be select categories or even individuals. The payments could be higher as now customers would pay more to get things done according to their taste.

In short, designers and design industry look set to have good times ahead, as there would be an increased demand for innovative and creative designs from an expanding range of customers. Companies would also look to hire more designers now that creating good designs has become easier and affordable.

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