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5 High-end WordPress plugins tailored to please 3D printing fans

Just like the growing success and popularity of WordPress web development, even the 3D printing industry has witnessed an incredible amount of growth over the recent years. If you own a WordPress powered website and are keen on sharing your 3D designs with the world, there are several plugins that can help you do the same in utmost convenient way.

Thanks to the continuous advancements in the field of WordPress plugin development, we don’t have to go far for finding the best plugin that can suit our varied requirements. In this post, I’ve served you with a list of top quality WordPress plugins which can help you make the most of 3D printing via your WordPress powered blog/website. So, let us take a closer look at these stunning WordPress 3D printing plugins.

1. Octoprint for WordPress

Octoprint is a remarkable WordPress plugin which uses Octoprint API for displaying the status of the connected 3D printer. This information is being displayed using a widget or on the web page via a suitable shortcode. It’s quite easy to install Octoprint plugin into your WordPress site/blog. All you need to do is simply activate API in the Octoprint settings, followed by copying API key in the settings fields and setting URL to access the Octoprint plugin. It is quite essential to ensure that Octoprint is accessible for your web server.


2. STL Viewer

Installing the STL Viewer plugin onto your WordPress blog/site will enable Thingiview javascript on your site/blog and you’ll be able to avail the freedom of sharing all your 3D designs with different visitors. All you need to do is simply use a shortcode for displaying STL files on a specific WordPress page. All the 3D files displayed using STL Viewer use the WebGL technology which allows your chosen browser to use the GPU(graphics card) directly. Here, an important point that needs to be kept in mind is that while uploading any high-resolution STL file, your browser needs to download STL Viewer plugin once, each time you choose to open or refresh the web page.

STL Viewer

3. Shapeways Widget

As a yet another interesting WordPress plugin for 3D printing, Shapeways Widget allows you to display your 3D designs or shop items in an appealing way. Whether it’s about changing your site’s title, rows, columns, style or the shop information; everything is possible and hassle-free with the Shapeways Widget cum WordPress plugin. The best thing about this plugin is that it can work in two modes viz: in an individual post and also as a WordPress widget.

Shapeways Widget

4. Sculpteo

Sculpteo is a brilliant WordPress plugin which when installed in your WordPress blog will allow you to integrate 3D files or an entire gallery into the same. The plugins comes with three handy modules viz: SketchUp, Blender and WordPress. While the SketchUp module allows you to upload a particular 3D file to using the ‘Sculpteo’ button and an extra menu item; Blender module also allows you to do the same using the ‘Sculpteo’ button available within export menu. Last, but definitely not the least, the WordPress module allows you to integrate 3D files or your unique personal gallery into your WordPress blogging site.


5. 3DHubs

As an easy-to-install WordPress plugin, 3DHubs will allow you to display a 3DHubs button in sidebar or directly within a particular text field. You can use the shortcode [3DHubs] for enabling the 3DHubs button in all your website sections which contain normal text, for eg: article, web page etc. You can set the URL for shortcode linking to 3DHub using the settings page. When it comes to installing the 3DHubs plugin, it can be conveniently installed just like any other WordPress plugin. For installation, you can either opt for the tool available within the WordPress admin dashboard or go ahead with uploadng zip file to the web server via plugin directory or directly using the dashboard.

3d hubs

In Conclusion

When it’s about upgrading to the latest technology concepts, WordPress has never lagged behind. 3D printing is also not an exception to this. Here’s hoping the brief explanation of five top-notch WordPress 3D printing plugins given above would undoubtedly aid you in exploring multiple possibilities available in the world of 3D printing.

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