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How to create a simple texture background in 5 seconds

First fill the background:

Add a new layer and make a noise and then duplicate the layer:

Do motion blur on the first layer with the angle of 0 degrees, distance 40 pixels:

Do the same thing with another layer and set 90 degrees:

Then apply the blend mode multiply to the layers with noise:

Add lighting in Overlay mode:

Here is also an example of how to create a simple relief background in two clicks.

Create a new layer with noise on a gray background, blend mode screen.

Duplicate this layer, invert (Ctrl + I), displace by 1 pixel down, blend mode multiply.

Reduce the opacity of both layers to 20%

Then colorize it (color layer in soft light mode), you can do it twice

You can brighten it if it is necessary (the layers in the soft light mode), insert the icons, buttons, text or whatever you have in your design.

In addition: on the second step you should apply edit→define pattern and in further work use the pattern overlay in luminosity mode.

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