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Creative offices by Facebook, Digg, Twitter etc

People spend about one third of their lives at work. Those companies that understand their profit’s dependence on employee creativity make sure that their employees are comfortable both at work and at leisure. Let’s see what is done for that purpose.

Base One Group (Middlesex, United Kingdom)

Federal Institute Of Technology (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Mazzali: «Krea» (Parma, Italy)

Coaxis (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Google (Zurich, Switzerland)

Facebook (Palo Alto, California, USA)

Skype (Tallin, Estonia)

Digg (San Francisco, USA)

Twitter (San Francisco, USA)

Swatch (Zurich, Switzerland)

General Motors (Detroit, USA)

Red Bull (London, United Kingdom)

Pixar (Emeryville, California, USA)

Technology Center Medical Science (Berlin, Germany)

Three Rings (San Francisco, California, USA)

M Moser Design House (Hong Kong)

Oktavilla Graphic Design Agency (Stockholm, Sweden)

Parliamentdesign (Portland, Oregon, USA)

LA Loft (Hollywood, California, USA)

Nendo (Tokyo, Japan)

Syzygy (Hamburg, Germany)

Der Tank (Tallin, Estonia)

Ogilvy And Mather (Guangzhou, China)

Selgas Cano Architecture (Madrid, Spain)

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