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Maria Eagle becomes shadow culture secretary

Jeremy Corbyn has ejected another senior figure from his top team with Europe spokesman Pat McFadden losing his job for “disloyalty”.

Among the most high-profile mooted victims are shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn – who backed air strikes on Syria and shadow defence secretary Maria Eagle who favours the renewal of the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is now undergoing a reshuffle of the shadow cabinet and, while speculation is rife, he’s now keeping tight-lipped about who is moving where, who is being added and who is being… removed.

Mr McFadden, who will be replaced by fellow europhile Pat Glass, has revealed he was sacked by Mr Corbyn after he spoke out in the wake of the Paris terror attacks last November.

Oxford East MP Andrew Smith said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is right to reshuffle his Shadow Cabinet at the beginning of the New Year.

In a statement, Mr Doughty said he had agreed to serve in Mr Corbyn’s team despite “principled differences” over defence, foreign policy and national security after receiving assurances that “honesty and difference” would be welcome.

He told Premier’s News Hour that it was his faith that drove his decision: “I personally feel it’s not the decision for me to be part of the Labour front bench at this time. I hope Labour retains its strong and clear position to campaign for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union”.

He took the opportunity of the 400th anniversary of bard’s death this April to have a pop at the Labour leader’s shambolic and lengthy front-bench shake-up.

The shadow foreign secretary had been tipped for the sack after a bravura Commons speech supporting military intervention in Syria which won cheers from across the political spectrum, but kept hold of the brief amid claims that his dismissal would spark a mass walkout.

“We have got to be credible on defence in the country and I think appointing Emily is a mistake”, Mr Jones said.

This morning her Twitter bio had been changed to reflect her new role as “shadow secretary of state for culture, media and sport” though, unlike other MPs moved in the reshuffle, she offered no commentary on the change on the social media website. “Privilege to work with him”.

Corbyn made the key moves in his reshuffle on Tuesday night, more than 30 hours after it began on Monday.

On future free votes, Mr McDonnell said Mr Corbyn will “represent the Parliamentary Labour Party at the frontbench”.

But Mr Reynolds said that while he backed Jeremy Corbyn’s stance on Syrian airstrikes, he could not “in good conscience endorse the views of Stop the War”.

He confirmed that Mr McFadden had been sacked for “a number of acts of disloyalty”, including his comments about terrorism.

He added: “No one forces them to kill innocent people in Paris or Beirut”.

Confirming his own dismissal earlier on Tuesday, culture spokesman Michael Dugher – a former aide to Gordon Brown – said he had “paid the price” for speaking out in defence of colleagues whose reputations he claimed had been “trashed” by aides to Mr Corbyn.

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