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Labour MPs warn Jeremy Corbyn against ‘divisive’ reshuffle

Corbyn’s allies said Dugher was removed from his post because he spent more time attacking the Labour leadership than the Conservatives.

Pat McFadden, the shadow Europe minister who effectively serves as Mr Benn’s deputy in the shadow foreign team, told the BBC that Mr Corbyn was guilty of overseeing a reshuffle that was “more petty and divisive than open and pluralist politics”.

A senior Labour figure tells me now that despite the target on Hilary Benn’s back, that Jeremy Corbyn has “backed down”, and the shadow foreign secretary is absolutely safe in his job.

Other moderates at risk of being replaced by “Corbynistas” this week are Shadow Chief Whip Rosie Winterton, Shadow Defence Secretary Maria Eagle, and Michael Dugher, the party’s Culture spokesman.

When forming his initial shadow cabinet journalists had been able to find out what was happening by listening through his office door.

Mr Dugher stressed that the shadow cabinet was appointed four months ago amid Mr Corbyn’s calls for “a new politics” and debates within the party and so a move to remove critics or those with different views would be inconsistent.

Jeremy said he didn’t like things I’d been writing (in defence of good colleagues & new politics).

Former shadow communities secretary Emma Reynolds said: ” Sad to see that we are losing @MichaelDugher from shadow cabinet – an authentic northern voice & great talent in taking on Tories”.

Instead Labour claimed that Mr Benn and Mr Cobyn had reached an agreement that there will be “no repetition” of their public split over the Syria vote.

Reporters said Ms Eagle looked upset after meeting Mr Corbyn but she told them: “I have nothing to say, but that shouldn’t surprise you”.

Mr Benn’s speech in favour of the bombing campaign was greeted by applause in the House of Commons, embarrassed Mr Corbyn and sparked speculation that the shadow foreign secretary could be a future challenger for the Labour leadership. “Labour’s loss in the shadow cabinet will be compensated by Michael’s free thought on the backbenches”. Before today’s rally against a third runway at Heathrow, Parliamentary hearings were announced yesterday to investigate whether the increase in flight traffic will break toxic air limits.Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party’s candidate for the London mayoral election, wants Londoners to know that he is very different from party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Tooting MP said the windfall tax was one of a number of examples of areas where “it is important for me to be my own person”.

Pressed on whether Mr Benn should keep his role as shadow foreign secretary, she added: “That’s a matter for the leader and I’m not going to speculate about what decisions Jeremy wants to make”.

“I think you have all worked out you’ve got an albatross at the head of your party”. Similarly, Ms Eagle supports nuclear weapons capability of the United Kingdom while her leader opposes any such capability. “These are superannuated Trotskyite oppositionists, they’re not real politicians, and I’m afraid it’s a disaster as far as I’m concerned”.

Sky News has learnt that Mr Corbyn is scheduled to meet Carolyn Fairbairn, the CBI director-general, towards the end of the week.

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