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Israel supporter Michael Dugher sacked from shadow cabinet by Jeremy Corbyn

JEREMY CORBYN faced unlikely calls yesterday to follow David Cameron’s example on the European Union referendum and allow shadow cabinet ministers to campaign for a British exit.

Labour said Emily Thornberry would replace Maria Eagle as defence spokeswoman.

He said he was angry that people in Mr Corbyn’s team had been deliberately briefing newspapers that the New Year reshuffle was pay-back for the way people voted against air strikes on Syria.

There have been claims that Mr Corbyn’s reshuffle would also see Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn replaced or dropped from the shadow cabinet altogether.

Labour backbencher Wes Streeting said he was “gutted” by the news, branding Mr Corbyn and his team a “shower”.

Members of Mr Corbyn’s shadow cabinet had openly disagreed with him over foreign and defence policy – hobbling the party’s ability to challenge the Conservative government.

On future free votes, Mr Corbyn will “represent the Parliamentary Labour Party at the front bench”.

The MP has also clashed with Ken Livingstone in recent weeks when Mr Corbyn put the former London Mayor in charge of the party’s defence review.

“After the Paris attacks we’d had statements about France reaping the whirlwind of their own actions and every time we have a terrorist attack we have this argument that ‘what can we expect?’ – that this is somehow not really the responsibility of those who carry out these attacks”. Asked if she thought Benn was doing a good job, she said: “I think all my colleagues are doing a good job ” we want to be holding the government to account over their decisions and we have seen a number of them doing that over the Christmas break”.

Apart from more junior ministerial appointments the reshuffle is now completed, leaving a favorable gender breakdown of 17 women and 14 men in leading shadow cabinet roles.

He said: “I haven’t been muzzled”.

Mr Dugher tweeted that the Labour leader had removed him from post, saying: “Just been sacked by Jeremy Corbyn”.

Corbyn had wanted to move both Eagle and Benn, but up to 10 shadow cabinet ministers threatened to resign if the shadow foreign secretary were to be moved.

They pointed to McFadden’s comments in the House of Commons about the Paris attacks as the reason for his sacking, suggesting they were a “coded attack” on the leader.

The developments were revealed by Labour sources in the early hours of Wednesday morning, more than 30 hours after Corbyn began his reshuffle.

The veteran left-winger was the surprise victor of Labour’s leadership election past year, strongly supported by the party’s membership but opposed by most Labour lawmakers.

Mr Jones said he “personally got on very well” with Mr Corbyn but believed “the people around him are advising him very badly”.

He added: “North Korea’s deeply disturbing claim to have exploded its first hydrogen bomb underlines the importance of taking our national security seriously, not handing it to a Labour Party that would unilaterally disarm Britain”.

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