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Dion condemns North Korean announcement that it tested hydrogen bomb

The council said it would begin work immediately on a new sanctions resolution in light of “the gravity of this violation”.

However, the regime has a history of exaggerating its capabilities and analysts expressed skepticism given that the yield and seismic wave were consistent with a hydrogen bomb tests.

In a strongly worded statement Wednesday, the former secretary of state called for immediate additional sanctions against Pyongyang.

“I have been warning throughout this campaign that North Korea is run by a lunatic who has been expanding his nuclear arsenal while President Obama has stood idly by”, Rubio said in a statement.

Energy stocks led the slide on Wall Street, with the S&P 500 at a three month low despite strong US job market data.

“We’ve been trying to pretend that this isn’t a problem – as long as things are quiet, it’s nice”, said Joel Wit, founder of the North Korea-focused 38 North website.

NEW YORK – The United Nations (UN) Security Council agreed in emergency talks on Wednesday to prepare further measures against North Korea after it carried out a fourth nuclear test.

Hillary Clinton condemned what she called North Korea’s attempt to “blackmail” the world by claiming it tested a hydrogen bomb this week.

China is invariably described as the closest thing North Korea has to a friend and the country that can exert the most pressure or influence.

Diplomatic engagement has failed to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

He stressed that it was in violation of numerous Security Council resolutions barring Pyongyang from engaging in nuclear activities.

While also noting the quake was likely too small for an H-bomb test, Jaiki Lee, a professor of nuclear engineering at Seoul’s Hanyang University, said the North could have experimented with a “boosted” hybrid bomb that uses some nuclear fusion fuel along with more conventional uranium or plutonium fuel.

South Korean officials earlier detected an “artificial earthquake” near North Korea’s main nuclear test site.

Washington and nuclear experts have been skeptical of past North Korean claims about hydrogen bombs, which are much more powerful and much more hard to make than atomic bombs. Anthony Cordesman, a defense expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said the North might have tested an enhanced atomic weapon, rather than a hydrogen bomb, as a means of celebrating the rule of its leader, Kim Jong Un. With the USA and other world powers preoccupied with turmoil in the Mideast, worldwide concern over Pyongyang’s quiet progress in developing its weapons has been muted. “But North Korea has always defied expectations”.

However, Volodymyr Yelchenko, UN ambassador for Ukraine, which is now a temporary member of the Council, said no member nation spoke out against imposing further sanctions on North Korea during the meeting, which was held behind closed doors. Meanwhile, Clinton has argued that she is, by far, the most experienced candidate on foreign policy issues in both the Democratic and Republican fields. It claims it needs such weapons to deter an invasion by the United States, which retains 28,000 troops in South Korea, a legacy of the 1950-53 Korean War that ended without a peace treaty.

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