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US agents round up Central Americans slated for deportation

Some migrants legally applying for benefits such as the DACA programme were anxious about providing family details lest they be used in a deportation drive, he said, while he “had at least two people ask me if they should continue to file taxes because of this”. Once there, they will be processed for deportation. His sister and 2 children were taken away.

“They are looking for protection, and at the end, they’re getting this deportation”, Nicholls said.

Morales let them in.

“Folks should be asking for the immigration agents to show them this paper, to pass it under the door”, Jimenez said of warrants.

Now, days later, he’s still trying to figure out the details of their fate. Central Americans fortunate enough to make their case in court with a lawyer are burdened with complicated and exacting legal standards that govern asylum law. Immigrant rights advocates condemned the new crackdown, with the group America’s Voice calling it “appalling” and “shameful” that refugees would be deported to “places where rape, sexual abuse and murder are commonplace”.

This past weekend, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) engaged in concerted, nationwide enforcement operations to take into custody and return at a greater rate adults who entered this country illegally with children, the US Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said. “They came in unmarked trucks; they said they had a paper, that they were seeking a black person, I told them there was no one like that, but they went in and removed the children, my niece, my husband, and did not care that the children were crying”, Gutierrez told teleSUR.

“As I have said repeatedly, our borders are not open to illegal migration; if you come here illegally, we will send you back consistent with our laws and values”, he said.

An immigration judge ordered these families deported either because their asylum claims were denied or they didn’t appear for their immigration court hearings.

More than eight years after federal agents swept through Fair Haven snatching undocumented immigrants from their homes, New Haven is bracing for a possible repeat. He says the American Immigration Lawyers Association is monitoring the national situation.

“Locally, we are asking regional ICE director [Ricardo] Wong not to participate with these raids and to use discretion”, he added. “When this happened during the Bush presidency, then-candidate Obama denounced it. The fact that it is happening now under a President Obama is outrageous”. Only a small fraction of the Central American families who sought refuge in the USA over the past two years were able to secure legal representation to argue on their behalf.

Ironically, numerous immigrants came to the USA specifically because they were not getting “decent treatment” in Guatemala. “Without counsel, traumatized refugees don’t understand what is happening in court and can not get their legitimate asylum claim heard”.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump took credit for the plan when it was leaked to the Washington Post last week.

“If they don’t show you a warrant, don’t open the door”, said Ghalib.

Guatemala’s foreign ministry warned people not to be fooled. “The removal of a few hundred illegal aliens who have exhausted all legal remedies to remain in the US will do little to stem to surge of migrants from Central America, when you consider the enormous numbers who have arrived in the past few years”.

Many families have been forced to flee to the United States to escape the rampant violence.

Most of those arrested are the ones who entered the United States from the southern border it shares Mexico. She said most of those who were detained were mothers and their children. “It’s a conversation that has been repeated millions of times [across the US]… people coming in the middle of the night and snatching family members from their beds is the worst”.

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