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Trump releases first TV ad in 2016 Republican presidential race

Reuters/Ipsos polling showed Trump with 38 percent support among Republican respondents, followed by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz with almost 15 percent, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 12 percent.

The Republican outsiders have been getting a pass on their limited grasp of foreign policy in the presidential race. Cruz has 21 percent support of men, compared to 13 percent of women.

While born in Canada, Cruz and allies have said he is eligible for the presidency because his mother’s status as an American citizen made him a citizen upon his birth. Cruz made the plea Monday in the first of 28 planned stops in Iowa over the next six days.

The ad shows people rushing towards a border fence as the narrator says he “will stop illegal immigration” from Mexico but the footage used is of a Spanish enclave in Morocco.

Hillary Clinton has thrown out the possible terms “first mate” and “first dude” in prior interviews, but the president himself has yet to comment.

The poll results suggest Trump is likely to maintain a strong level of support, as 51 percent of his supporters say they are absolutely certain they will vote for him. How many elections do you see where the polls were wrong?

And on Fox and Friends on Wednesday, Trump explained why he donated to Clinton’s campaigns. It comes as Trump heads into the home stretch before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.

During a day-long New Hampshire tour Sunday, Clinton told voters she was there to “to make my case to you” and tell them how Republicans will “reverse all of President Obama’s executive orders” if they win the White House.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager says he isn’t buying Texas Sen.

Still, Trump leads nearly all recent national polls by double digits, as well as recent polling in New Hampshire. Cruz also plans a five-day bus tour of New Hampshire starting January 17. Tyler said he’ll campaign there on Monday and Tuesday.

The addition will boost Christie’s paid staff in the state from four to six with just over a month to go before the primary.

He said last week he planned to spend at least $2 million a week on ads in early voting states.

“The politicians can pretend it’s something else but Donald Trump calls it radical Islamic terrorism – that’s why he’s calling for a temporary shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”, says the voiceover.

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