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Boy in death video is son of British jihadi bride

The boy, whose bandana bears the mark of ISIS, says at the end of the video: “We will kill kuffar over there” in reference to non-believers of Islam living in the West, the Daily Mail reported.

Isa Dare’s grandfather condemned the depths plunged by the terrorist organisation last night and said that the boy was being “used as a shield”.

According to the UK-based Guardian newspaper, Mr. Henry Dare, also known as Sunday, said that he recognised the child from the film as Isa, one of the sons of his daughter Khadijah, who has also been used as a figurehead by ISIS.

“No doubt she will be even more concerned if her grandchildren are being put in danger”.

His daughter had told him she was going to Egypt to study and when he found out she was in Syria, “I dropped the phone on her because I was annoyed”. He is just a small boy.

A Christian migrant from Nigeria, he saw his daughter, Grace “Khadijah” Dare, 24, radicalized while at university in London. “When she calls me, I keep on ignoring her calls because she has brought shame to my family and to herself”, Dare explained.

The other figure in the video has been dubbed the “new Jihadi John“, due to his similarities to the infamous voice and face of Isis’ previous execution videos. He says, “We are going to go kill the kafir (non-believers) over there”.

Police are working to determine whether the boy is one of the sons of Grace Dare.

Ms Dare added that she still called her daughter “Grace”, and said she missed them a lot because the “joy” had been taken away from her. “It’s definitely him. Of course I’m anxious but there’s nothing I can do now”.

The young child, who is seen wearing military-style clothes and a black headscarf with an IS logo on it, is said to be five-year-old Isa Dare.

She is believed to have been radicalised online, and travelled to Syria in 2012 and married a Swedish fighter named Abu Bakr.

Now, a man in London – the father of a woman known to have left England to fight for the Islamic State – has said the boy is his grandson. ‘They said she’s above 18‘. Since its release, the media in the United Kingdom have been trying to identify the masked man and it appears they may have tracked him down.

The child is being widely reported to bear a striking resemblance to the son of British woman Grace “Khadijah” Dare, it is being reported.

She had allegedly been brainwashed by radicals at an Islamic centre attended by the vile killers of soldier Lee Rigby.

The masked man threatens Cameron and vows that Islamic State will one day occupy Britain before shooting one of the alleged spies in the head.

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