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Petition filed in Pakistani court against Modi’s visit

It was totally impromptu visit that was arranged just after Modi’s call to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the same day Moreover; it was the first visit to Pakistan by an Indian premier in nearly 12 years.

“Politicians seem to be playing a dirty game”.

Bilateral talk is the only solution for both India and Pakistan. “Nawaz Sharif and former Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had in the past tried to solve all the issues”.

Pakistan and India have remained mired in post-colonial quarrels for 68 years over Kashmir, a result of an awkward and violent partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947. Repercussions of that policy are now being seen in the form of the rise of Hindu nationalism in the country. Jaishankar will also be in Pakistan on January 15 for a foreign secretary-level dialogue between the two nations even as dates are being fixed for the second round of NSA-level talks with General Naseer Khan Janjhua in a third country. “Nepal is witnessing a political strife such as every country witnesses”, he said. The process, however, needs to be un-interrupted and substantial.

USA: PM Modi will visit Washington in March to attend the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS).

Journalist Omar R Quraishi told DNA that it was a very good beginning and let’s hope it bears fruit and we see the Pakistan-India relationship somewhat normalising.

If the Pakistani authorities know who and from where these jihadi maniacs came, the onus is on them, and them alone, to go after their top leadership and defang them completely. If they don’t approve and create hurdles then this visit will not lead to anything and will only be remembered due to its impromptu nature. Times are changing and the traders of hatred are going out of business fast. Anything less will be the continuation of the same old story.

Whatever the intentions, but one thing is clear: A step like this could have only be taken by a rightwing Prime Minister. The Lahore trip now has been hailed by experts and policymakers. “We condemn all acts of terror and violence”. “If combined, we could become a bigger force in the world”, Srinivasan added.

For, Pakistan over the years has followed such a destructive policy-mix that it is now hoist with its own petard. His office made sure that clarity was achieved over his stopover being to wish Sharif on his birthday along with blessing his granddaughter on her wedding, adding a personal touch of support to Sharif’s political weight in Pakistan itself that is often at odds against the country’s extremely powerful military complex.

Speaking about the visit of Modi, Sharif said, “The Indian Prime Minister came to Lahore and gave us his few hours”. “There is no doubt that India’s global profile has been significantly enhanced in the last 18 months”, says Swaraj, who also visited a number of capital cities worldwide to project India’s resurgent image and government’s vision. “But the Prime Minister of India, an RSS volunteer that he is…also got the Prime Minister of another country to perform Ganga-aarati in India”, Mr Hosbole said.

Imam opined that in spite of the optimism that has ensued after this surprise visit, the path to resilient peace is dogged by mines of traditional mutual mistrust, non-state actors, and hawks on both sides which can still delay the peace process.

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