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Obama moves to require background checks for more gun sales

Stymied by Congress’s inaction on gun control, the President has asked his advisers in recent months to examine new ways he could use his executive authority to tighten gun rules unilaterally, without needing congressional approval, after multiple mass shootings generated outrage nationwide. The move to bypass Congress will close a loophole that allowed people to buy guns over the Internet or at gun shows without going through a background check.

Federal law now requires all individuals “engaged in the business” of selling guns to obtain a license and conduct background checks on buyers.

The FBI will also overhaul its background check system and add more than 230 additional examiners to process these background checks.

Having seen mass shootings continue unabated as lawmakers refuse to bend on firearm control, Obama was expected to unveil a series of executive actions to take on the problem.

US President Barack Obama on Monday said that he will soon roll out gun-control initiatives, stressing that the measures will be “entirely consistent” with the constitutional right to bear arms.

Republicans have roundly criticised the president’s plans, calling them an overreach of his executive authority.

He will hold a televised town hall on guns and violence on Thursday at a university just outside Washington D.C.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized Obama on Twitter, writing that his plan “poses a grave threat” to the separation of powers and charged that the president is attempting to “legislate from the executive branch”. Other popular groups like Tampa Bay Gun Runners, which sells firearms online, would also have to do background checks.

Congress, which is controlled by Republicans, rejected Obama’s proposals for legislation to tighten gun rules in 2013.

President Barack Obama will take his case for new gun control measures directly to the American people this week.

After repeated calls for tougher restrictions on guns, President Obama is now taking it upon himself to take action. Donald Trump has been highly critical of the action, promising to “unsign” the executive action if elected and issuing a dire warning that American’s will be unable to purchase guns.

The president also directed the Departments of Defense, Justice and Homeland Security to conduct or sponsor research into gun safety technology.

At today’s meeting at the White House, Blumenthal said, “I’m going to raise a number of questions, and one of them will be what states can do more broadly to expand implementation of these laws, including CT, to make our people safer”. And we have been very careful recognizing that although we have a strong tradition of gun ownership in this country, that even those who possess firearms for hunting, for self protection and for other legitimate reasons want to make sure that the wrong people don’t have them for the wrong reasons.

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