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Mexican mayor Gisela Mota’s killing ‘a drug gang warning’

Temixco Mayor Gisela Mota took office on a Friday, eager to take on crime in her community, just 60 miles southwest of Mexico City. Over the past decade, more than 70 mayors (Spanish) have been killed, including six a year ago, the group says.

Mota was a “clean, courageous and endearing” woman, Ramirez said, adding that the mayor died, in part, because she “let down her guard” by not accepting more security in a bid to differentiate herself from her predecessor.

Gov. Ramirez said that organized crime is to blame for Mota’s death, however, he did not say which drug cartel he thought was involved.

Their rivalry may have played a role in the worst mass disappearance in recent memory, that of 43 students in Guerrero in 2014.

The Rojos and the rival Guerreros Unidos gangs have fought turf battles across the neighbouring state of Guerrero.

Ramirez told local media the gangs wanted to control local police “as happened in the past”. Mota was killed January 2, one day after taking oath of office.

“The lines of investigation indicate that the criminal group Los Rojos was responsible for the murder of Gisela Mota“, Governor Graco Ramirez wrote on Twitter.

Unified command structures include state, federal and military forces.

Former Mexican soccer star Cuauhtemoc Blanco – controversial for his on- and off-field behavior and a novice to politics – assumed office as mayor of Cuernavaca in late December, sparking a dispute with the state government over policing.

Despite Blanco’s refusal, Ramirez announced he was imposing state command over Cuernavaca’s police, and he suggested dark forces were influencing the pugnacious former athlete, who has never before held public office.

Following Mota’s killing, two suspects were killed in a clash with police and three others arrested.

Cuernavaca, the capital of Morelos and neighboring city to Temixco, is home to a number of kidnapping and extortion cases connected to organized crime, the AP states.

 Cartel related violence continues to plague much of Mexico.

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