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Lebanon’s Hezbollah TV says Israeli forces attacked along border, residents

It made no mention of casualties.

The militant Hezbollah movement said it had detonated a large explosive device beside armoured vehicles patrolling the disputed Shebaa Farms area. The Iranian-backed Shi’ite group has accused Israel of killing Qantar in air strike in Syria, and vowed to retaliate.

The statement quoted UNIFIL’s Head of Mission, Maj.

The online outlet, El-Nashra, reported that they had “heard, at a late hour last night, the reverberation of explosions accompanied by bursts of heavy machine gun fire [emanating] from the Israeli army’s positions inside Shebaa Farms … the direction of the demarcation lines with the villages of Al-Arqoub in the hills [around] Shebaa Farms”.

Witnesses said at least 10 Israeli shells had hit Al Wazzani shortly after the blast, causing material damage.

A Reuters witness said the shelling had stopped later in the day.

Israel has anticipated some form of response by Hezbollah or another terrorist group for the death of Kuntar. Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said a week later that retaliation would be inevitable.

He was finally released in 2008 in a prisoner-swap deal between Israel and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah is fighting on the side of Assad in Syria’s civil war.

The conflict was triggered by a Hezbollah attack on the Israeli side of the border.

Hezbollah took responsibility for the Monday attack, which it said was carried out by a cell named after Samir Kuntar, a terrorist who in 1979 carried out a terror attack that resulted in the deaths of two Israeli children and their father, and was killed in an airstrike in Damascus on December 20, 2015. An Iranian general was also killed in that attack.

No one has been killed although there have been injuries.

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