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Hong Kong’s Chief Government involved over lacking bookseller

The disappearance of Mr Lee, 65, comes weeks after four people related to the bookstore and its owner vanished, the newspaper said.

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying told reporters there’s no evidence so far to support suspicions that mainland security agents were involved.

“I don’t have any information on that”, a foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday afternoon when asked about Lee Po’s disappearance. And there were warnings given to the owners not to publish this book. The reason why I want to invite friends in the media to come to our office is to state solemnly the provision under the Basic Law, namely only legal enforcement agencies in Hong Kong have the legal authority to enforce laws in Hong Kong. Each writer that has gone missing is associated with the politically fueled publisher Mighty Current.

Hong Kong’s second-highest-ranking official, Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam (林鄭月娥), expressed concern about the case yesterday.

Lee’s wife, Sophie Choi, confirmed he was in Hong Kong on that date but went missing that evening.

“Just Hong Kong enforcement bureaus possess the right to apply the law in Hong Kong”.

Mr Lee’s four colleagues at Mighty Current publishing company had gone missing from southern China and from Thailand about two months ago.

The bookstore, established in 1994, was said to be popular among tourists from mainland China as a source of political materials banned across the border, the paper said.

“The freedom of the press, the freedom of publication and the freedom of expression are protected by laws in Hong Kong”, Leung said. And even the central government and the Hong Kong government refused to respond – well, previously – on the whereabouts of these citizens are.

Speaking to the Guardian on Monday, Chow said she had made the English-language video in order to raise global awareness of the apparent abductions and what she said was Beijing’s increasing meddling in Hong Kong’s affairs. “Whereas Hong Kong will enhance its competitive edge as a financing center after the mainland adopts a registration-based approval system since March 1, as the valuation gap between Hong Kong and mainland markets will narrow”.

“Only legal enforcement agencies in Hong Kong have the legal authority to enforce laws in Hong Kong”, he added.

“The Chinese authorities certainly believe that the stability of the party regime is more important, containment of subversive information is more important”, Joseph Cheng, professor at Hong Kong’s City University, said.

One of his colleagues said Mr Lee was taken away by unknown men and the fear is that Chinese officials have reached beyond mainland China to punish them for their work, our correspondent Juliana Liu in Hong Kong reports.

Lee was last heard from by his wife who he called the night of his disappearance from Shenzhen, speaking in Mandarin instead of Cantonese, saying that he was assisting mainland police in an investigation.

“We should give time to the police to conduct their investigation”, said acting security secretary John Lee.

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