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Christie set to address GOP anger, target Trump

Christie said he can not order the Attorney General’s Office to implement reforms because it is independent of the governor.

While Rubio was restrained in attacking his GOP rivals by name, he openly lashed out against the Obama administration for “weakening” the United States. Marco Rubio reframed his national security argument around the eighth anniversary of Barack Obama’s victory in the Iowa caucuses, calling it “a historic moment in global affairs” because since then, he “has deliberately weakened America”. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sen. “We have isolationist candidates who are apparently more passionate about weakening our military and intelligence capabilities than about destroying our enemies”.

“Not only is Hillary Clinton incompetent, she is a liar”.

Asked about Saudi Arabia cutting diplomatic ties with Iran, amid regional anger over the Saudi regime’s execution of an Iranian cleric, he said that despite his not being “a big fan of the judicial system in Saudi Arabia”, “our response should be to stand with our allies”. The spot ends with one last dig: “Chris Christie: One high tax, Common Core, liberal energy loving, Obamacare Medicaid expanding President is enough”. Over the weekend, the Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked by protesters.

Companies access information such as what magazines people subscribe to, information about their cable packages or what they shop for online, Mr. Rubio said. They use sophisticated encryption and carefully secured networks. That second place status is relatively tenuous, however, with Ted Cruz trailing him with an average of 12 percent, and Chris Christie two points behind, averaging 11.3 percent.

On Monday, Rubio said “words and political stunts cannot ensure our security”; nor could Isis “be filibustered”.

“While ISIS was rising, and many in Washington were hesitating, hoping the problem would magically disappear, I went down to the Senate floor and said, ‘If we do not confront and defeat ISIL now, we will have to do so later, and it will take a lot longer, it will be much costlier and even more painful.’ That has also proven true”, Rubio told the New Hampshire crowd.

“While some claim they would destroy Isis, that they would make the sands of the Middle East “glow in the dark”, my question is: ‘With what?'” Rubio said, before charging some of his Republican opponents with voting to lower defense cuts.

Appearing on Fox News less than two weeks after announcing plans plans to work with New Jersey’s attorney general – not the state’s elected lawmakers – to implement the reforms, Christie assailed Obama for signaling he planned to announce gun reforms of his own by executive action.

Mr. Rubio bashed President Obama for working to protect privacy rights, but in the process “actually protecting the privacy rights of foreigners”.

“When I am president, foreign terrorists caught overseas will receive a one-way ticket to Guantánamo”, Rubio said. “And yet somehow was radicalized – probably online – and was willing to kill and massacre 14 Americans, and was on his way to killing more people had it not been for the courageous men and women of law enforcement who stopped them”.

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