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Mother of ‘Affluenza’ Teen Won’t Fight Extradition to Texas

“Is there a chance that Ethan Couch could be successful in staying in Mexico?“.

Tonya Couch’s attorneys, Stephanie K. Patten and Steve Gordon, said their client is eager to have her day in court and did not break any Texas laws, according to KXAS 5 (NBC).

“Her case is much more defensible”, he said.

Bail is set at $1 million with the condition that it be made in open court here in Fort Worth….

He has been transferred from Puerto Vallarta to a detention facility in Mexico City, Mexican immigration officials said.

The mother of fugitive “affluenza teen” Ethan Couch was charged with a felony overnight Wednesday for allegedly helping her son flee the country to Mexico, violating the terms of his probation stemming from a deadly 2013 drunken-driving wreck. She is scheduled to appear in Tarrant County court on January 14.

Hunter said the legal manoeuvr basically takes the decision out of an immigration agent’s hands and asks a higher authority to make the deportation decision. He is expected to stay there while his deportation appeal is considered. The official would not say if he was being moved by air or ground.

CNN aired a video that showed Tonya Couch in handcuffs with federal marshals at Los Angeles International Airport.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Eugene Hwang said Thursday that he couldn’t immediately comment. He could be held in Mexico for at least two weeks. Both were detained Monday.

Ethan Couch, 18, who is being sought in Texas for breaching probation, was arrested on Monday along with his mother, Tonya Couch, in Puerto Vallarta, after they used his cell phone to order a pizza. The judge had 72 hours to decide whether to take up the case. If the teen confirms his wish to go forward with that approach, the case would go to trial, and proceedings could take months, the official said.

“It also depends on the fact the Couches have legal counsel”.

An employee at the hotel where the Couches were staying told the Dallas Morning News that the teen was marched to the lobby one evening flanked by a pair of gentlemen demanding cash.

Her attorneys released a statement saying she had done nothing illegal and wanted to get back to Texas as soon as possible. “We’re patient people. We’ll be waiting”. He said authorities have no evidence that Couch’s father was involved.

Her son, however, remains in Mexico after his attorneys filed paperwork hoping to fight his extradition to the United Sates, according to Tarrant County, Texas’, sheriff and district attorney.

“He is very appreciative of efforts by these and other agencies to safely locate his son”.

Fred and Tonya Couch were divorced in 2007, public records show. The house, built in 1974, sits on six acres.

The Tarrant Appraisal District values the house at $343,000. He pled guilty and was sentenced to 10 years of probation.

While at that facility, he is being held in a room with other foreigners, and each room typically holds four or five people.

“The biggest problem is not just having a gun in your possession in Mexico, it’s having it transported from the United States”, Hernandez said. There is still no word on Ethan Couch’s punishment.

The court sentenced him to mental health treatment and a decade of probation, a ruling seen as too lenient by many Americans. If he is punished for a violation in the juvenile probation system, that would have him in jail until his 19th birthday on April 11, 2016, about 102 days.

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