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Affluent teen captured after pizza order by cellphone

Couch was apprehended in Mexico on Monday, and Texas authorities announced plans to charge Couch and his mother in a news conference Tuesday.

A photograph of Couch being taken into custody was snapped by a neighbor.

She looked away from cameras as she was taken to an unmarked vehicle and driven away. The official said she would be turned over to USA marshals.

The Texas teenage fugitive and his mother attempted to disguise themselves and disappear among the American tourists who flocked to a Mexican resort city for the holidays, but are now in custody and set for deportation to the US, authorities said Tuesday. He was detained Monday in Mexico. Couch, now 18, had been the subject of an worldwide manhunt after violating terms of his probation for his conviction on four counts of vehicular manslaughter.

The prosecutor’s office said the pair will be deported to the United States.

The official isn’t saying whether Couch is being transported by air or ground.

Associated Press writers Elizabeth Rivera, Emily Schmall, E. Eduardo Castillo, Peter Orsi and Mark Stevenson contributed.

Officials don’t believe that Couch’s father-who is divorced from his mother (and who was arrested a year ago for impersonating a police officer)-assisted in their escape.

Ethan Couch was facing changes to the terms of his 10-year probation sentence after he killed four pedestrians while driving drunk; his “affluenza” made national headlines. Mexican authorities said they had been working with the U.S. Marshals Service since Saturday to locate the pair.

Sheriff Anderson was joined by U.S. Marshal Richard Taylor and Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson.

Anderson said “intelligence information” indicated that Couch and his mother had driven across the border. He didn’t say whether an injunction had been granted for her.

Known as an “amparo”, or protection, such appeals try to block a government action.

Couch was the driver in the above-mentioned DUI case.

A federal judge has three days to rule on whether Couch’s appeal is well-founded.

It’s tough to explain the legal maze that stands to benefit Ethan Couch in the form of a light punishment for violating his probation.

The prosecution demanded a minimum of 20 years in jail. And instead of a maybe-yes-maybe-no Twitter video, there’s no doubt that Couch affirmatively fled, unless his mother tries to convince authorities that she kidnapped him. It wasn’t immediately clear if his mother, Tonya Couch, also would be granted a delay.

A crucial piece of information indicating that they were in Puerto Vallarta came on December 24, the sheriff said, but he would not elaborate. They were being held at immigration offices in Guadalajara. Later, as the duo drove south, police received “dozens and dozens of calls of sightings” of them or their truck.

Cars drive past a building where Ethan Couch, 18, and his mother Tonya Couch stayed at in the Pacifi …

Agents from the prosecutors’ office went to the complex, where a tourism operator told them that the people who had occupied the condo were asked to vacate because the owners were coming to stay, the report said.

Couch and his 48-year-old mother were tracked down and captured near Puerto Vallarta’s seafront promenade. Under Texas law, he will face a maximum sentence of four months in a juvenile facility, to be released on his 19th birthday, 11 April.

Couch’s lawyers have said they know authorities are investigating whether their client violated his probation conditions, but they have declined to comment on whether he attended the party.

In a booking photo, Tonya Couch, arrested along with her son Ethan…

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