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NY man charged with planning New Year’s Eve terror attack

Though Lutchman was in custody, the threat prompted authorities to cancel Rochester’s New Year’s Eve fireworks. In May 2014, Yemen-born pizza shop owner Mufid Elfgeeh was arrested after buying two handguns and silencers that investigators say he planned to use to kill returning USA soldiers.

Like Lutchman, court records claim, Farook and Malik were radicalized on the Internet. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to “menacing” the same woman; specifics of the misdemeanor incident were not immediately available Thursday. Officials said he also had previous arrests under the state’s mental hygiene law. Not until thorough and specific details become available about the interactions between the informant and target is a clear picture possible, she said.

He was described in court papers as having long criminal history including a 2006 robbery conviction that led to a five-year prison sentence.

On Monday, Lutchman allegedly met with one of the Federal Bureau of Investigation informants and told the informant he was “getting amped up to accept the fact that’s what I gotta do”.

The report added that Lutchman first considered carrying out a bombing attack and then kidnapping and killing civilians.

Lutchman’s lawyer, Steven Slawinski, declined to comment on the charges.

“Lutchman expressed his hatred for everything American and his intention to make hijra and leave America”, Klapec wrote.

“The connection with Dawla (meaning ISIS) is already established”.

According to AP, the “brother” and Lutchman were chatting online on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and Lutchman was told to prove himself to the group by praying regularly and planning an “operation” on New Year’s Eve. “Kuffar” is a Arabic word for infidel. It says they bought knives and a machete for the attack.

John Page, owner of the bar, told NBC Lutchman was a familiar face.

Informants worked with Lutchman as he plotted, and those interactions are now being used as evidence by police. “But we just stepped out on faith and came today”. “They may idnetify the vehicle. they can’t live”.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement, “The arrest of Emanuel Lutchman is an important reminder of the new normal of global terrorism”.

Both elected and state and federal officials were quick to praise the work of the FBI Thursday.

Emanuel Lutchman, 25, charged with attempting to aid the Islamic State group, is seen in this booking photo taken December 31 in Monroe County, New York.

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