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Unusual streak in the sky

A giant glowing object soared through the night sky near Las Vegas, Nevada on Tuesday, with excited witnesses rushing to post photographs and videos of the what they believed to be a meteor on social media.

A bright light that streaked across California and Nevada skies Tuesday night was a meteor, according to experts.

A colonel with the U.S. Strategic Command later confirmed to NBC News that it was some kind of “Russian space debris”.

That too, was space junk.

Reports had the fireball streaking for about 30 seconds at around 7:15 p.m. MST. Various areas across both Las Vegas and California cities reported seeing the fireball, from Bakersfield to Laughlin and Sacramento and beyond.

The Joint Space Operation Center had been tracking the rocket body, along with 16,000 other objects, Strategic Command spokesman Lt. Col. Martin O’Donnell said in a statement. Some people as far north as Reno have reported sightings. This was later found to be an unarmed missile that was test-fired by the U.S. Navy. “Every day we track over 23,000 man-made objects floating through space and we can confirm this particular object was removed from our catalog”. Vandenberg Air Force Base Chief of Communications Larry Hill said.

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