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Truck driver in Tracy Morgan crash indicted on manslaughter, vehicular homicide charges

Mr Roper with first-degree aggravated manslaughter, second-degree vehicular homicide and third-degree aggravated assault in the June 2014 crash, according to the Associated Press.

The truck driver involved in the fatal traffic accident which left TRACY MORGAN in a critical condition past year has been indicted on manslaughter and vehicular homicide charges.

Since he wasn’t in court for the indictment, Kevin is scheduled to be arraigned at some point in the future.

Roper was not in court on Wednesday to hear the grand jury’s decision, however.

The accident killed 62-year-old comedian James McNair and injured Morgan, Ardley Fuqua and Jeffrey Millea.

The grand jury’s findings were released on Wednesday, the day after Roper’s lawyer, David Glassman asked the judge to throw out the charges due to the unfair amount of pretrial publicity the case received.

Glassman said last week that he faulted the Middlesex County prosecutor’s office for not stepping in and seeking a stay in the federal lawsuit.

Morgan has made a comeback in recent months, making a surprise appearance at the Emmy Awards in September and then in October hosting “Saturday NIght Live“, where he was a cast member for eight seasons. He could serve a sentence of 10 to 30 years if found guilty.

In an interview last week, he opened up further about the trauma of the crash and losing his friend, telling Barbara Walters that doctors told his wife at the time that they did not know if Morgan would emerge from his coma.

Morgan and his pals were also faulted for failing to wear their seat belts, which contributed to the severity of their injuries.

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