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More Than 3000 Prisoners in Washington State Released Early by Mistake

The governor’s office said roughly 3 percent of all Washington prisoner releases during that stretch of time were affected, and those who were affected got out a median of 49 days early.

January 7, 2016: Insee said a broader software fix is expected in place by this date.

The result is that up to 3,200 inmates have been released early to date, although a majority of those were only released as early as 55 days. Based on a prior Supreme Court ruling, most of the affected offenders won’t have to go back to prison. In accordance with Supreme Court precedent, most of the offenders who were released early will be given with day for day credit for their time in the community.

Padden says he believes some 160,000 days of prison time were not served during the administrations of former Gov. Chris Gregoire and Gov. Jay Inslee, and wonders why the early releases continued after the error was discovered in 2012.

The governor of the state described the problem as deeply disappointing and has promised an independent investigation into the Washington Department of Corrections, when it emerged that the problem had existed for thirteen years.

“For reasons we still don’t yet fully understand that fix never happened”, said Inslee’s legal counsel Nick Brown. Five of the offenders have already been contacted and returned to prison, Pacholke said. When I learned of this, I ordered DOC [Department of Corrections] to fix this, fix it fast, and fix it right’.

The issue was first spotted in 2012, but repairs were delayed until a new CIO at the Department of Corrections noticed the problem again. Unfortunately, the program was not coded correctly and was issuing more credit than it should have, which in turn was allowing some to be released early.

Imagine if you still had 15 years left on that loan from your bank, but one day when you went to pay, the system says that you don’t owe the bank any money.

Errors in calculating “good time credit” led to the untimely release of as many as 3,200 convicts.

Pacholke said he welcomed the external investigation. & stated he has ordered immediate steps to correct the longstanding pc glitch. “The agency should be held accountable for this breach…it’s an unforgivable error”.

As to whether inmates released might have committed new crimes?

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