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Al-Shabab extremists attack vehicles killing 2 in Kenya’s north

Kenyan Muslims travelling on a bus attacked by terrorists protected Christian passengers by refusing to be split into groups, according to eyewitnesses. One of the bullets injured me in the buttocks. Al-Shabaab militants left but threatened to return, witnesses said.

Kenya’s North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh told Al Jazeera the suspected Islamic extremists also shot at a truck following the bus and killed one passenger.

The following month, the BBC reported, the militant group did the same to non-Muslim workers at a quarry near the Somali border, and violently killed both Muslims and non-Muslims during deadly attacks in Kenya. The other person who died was reportedly a traffic police officer killed before or after the situation. The militants fled after the attack.

Al-Shabaab, a Somali group the United States has designated as a foreign terrorist organization, wants to turn Somalia into a fundamentalist Islamic state.

Since Kenyan forces entered Somalia in October 2011 in an effort to crush the militants. Its militants have killed more than 400 people in Kenya over the past two years. This the same group that is responsible for the shooting spree that killed over 60 people in a Nairobi shopping mall in September of this year.

This isn’t the first time the militant group has targeted Christians. Throngs make their way to relatives’ homes for the holidays, with buses and other public transportation packed. Those passengers who could not recite a passage from the Koran were forced to lie in a field and were shot to death while the Muslim passengers were allowed to reboard the bus.

There were more than 100 passengers on board. He said that the passengers insisted that al-Shabab either “kill them together or leave them alone”. “After realizing it was not police, they stopped the lorry as we dashed back into the bus and sped off”. Those injured are the driver of the bus and two passengers. They left, MSN is reporting.

According to the same source, the secretary told reporters that authorities were in “hot pursuit of the criminals”.

However, those Muslim passengers refused.

He says he was told that the Muslims told the militants, “no. You’re not going to separate us. Everybody can profess his own religion, but we think we are one country, we are one people”, Nkaissery stressed.

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