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New Poll Reportedly Shows Millennials Turning Away From Donald Trump

Jon Huntsman Jr. doesn’t think Donald Trump is destined for the White House.

Numerous poll watchers have spotted a trend in Trump’s numbers.

A study released Monday by Morning Consult, a public opinion polling company, found that more people support the GOP presidential front-runner than would care to admit it. Only 17.5% said Trump’s plan would make them more likely to support him.

More from The Fiscal Times:The Top 10 Political Lies of the YearDonald Trump’s New Role – Apologist for Vladimir PutinPutin Would “Welcome’ a Donald Trump Presidency Certainly, there must be some rationalization of Donald Trump’s poll numbers, right?” “And, if you’re a highly-educated or engaged Republican voter, it turns out that you’re far less likely to tell another human being you want Trump as president”.

The group interviewed 2,397 registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in mid-December. All of the respondents initiated the poll online, but only one-third of them completed it online. They were all asked the same questions, at the same time.

Thirty-eight percent of people who answered online picked Trump, the real estate developer and Republican presidential front-runner.

“That six point difference was not seen with other candidates between the different polling methods”, the study reads. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson improved by 2 points with live interviewers. Well, in accordance to an absorbing experiment conducted by the Morning Seek the advice of, Trump’s numbers need more rationalization.

Dropp and his colleagues believe that something called social-desirability bias, the well-known tendency of people to not commit to unpopular views with a live pollster, explains the difference.

The disparity is even more pronounced when when isolating Independents.

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