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Mrs. Claus Answers 10 Questions Kids Have About Santa

“Clearly, the activities defy explanation”, the researchers wrote, “but we sought to assess whether children viewed the activities as potentially explainable, even if they were unsure of the correct explanation”.

Of course, Santa’s sleigh would have to travel at 650 miles per second, which is 3,000 times the speed of sound in order to deliver everything in one night.

It was from Santa Claus extolling us to be good and wishing us a Merry Christmas.

The website is already live and features lots of interactive pages, just in case children need any reason to fuel their excitement ahead of the big day.

The call center in a training building will be staffed for 23 hours and Christmas Eve and volunteers will also share Santa’s location on Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and, I told Mrs. Claus I would like a hoverboard for Christmas.

I don’t know why ’tis. They’ve even recruited the reindeer to head up the wrapping department.

For parents who want to keep the tradition, Ana, mother of Tripp, 6, and Charlie, 1, said: “We read Christmas books”.

How much time does it take Santa to deliver presents in Ottawa?

Santa: Ah, you think some houses don’t have chimneys. They’ll get the answer from the North American Aerospace Defense Command, which has been working for weeks to tackle the one-day mission.

“Now that DC is an adult, and the items he asks for are smaller still, it is becoming harder and harder to “supplement” Santa’s gifts, to make that Christmas gift pile”, I did finally have to confess to him that some parents, with adult children, have to help Santa out a little bit.

“I want a remote control helicopter”, one young boy told Santa as the train moved slowly down the tracks.

Q: What do you eat in the North Pole?

“It’s just disgusting someone can come in and do something like that”.

Justin Rooker said he hopes Santa “had a good summer at the North Pole”.

When they ask me my favorite cookie, I ask them what their favorite cookie is, and that becomes mine. As I explained to DC, Santa has a job to do. We want to remind people of God’s abundant love for them, and so this time of the year, we get to “play Santa Claus” for them. Ak decides to sing a song about how the Immortals are banned from having children, and then talks about Santa (specifically, his life and adventures).

What can you tell us about Santa’s route?

What are Santa’s personal feelings about Ottawa?

Santa’s combination of big data management processes, analytics and planning are all strengthened by making the most of their data. Not to worry, though, as it will not stop him from doing his yearly duty flying about the world Christmas Eve. He never said it, but Dad always left hanging the suggestion that Santa still remembered how I had treated him.

Close behind him was his wife, with one of her husband’s hats on each of her breasts and a huge red sparkly skirt which showed just the very top of her stripy Christmas stockings.

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