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Miss Colombia Responds to the Miss Universe Crown Swap

At Sunday’s Miss Universe pageant, comedian and pageant host Steve Harvey erroneously named Ariadna Gutierrez Arevalo, Miss Colombia, as Miss Universe 2015.

The debacle has since been immortalized by memes on social media.

Ariadna Gutierrez was even crowned after being declared the victor, before Steve had to correct himself and reveal that Miss Philippines had in fact come in first.

“They put the crown on her head”, President Juan Manuel Santos said Monday.

“Nobody feels worse about this than me”, he said. “The photos are there to prove it. To me, as a Colombian, she is still Miss Universe“, he added. “I’m so sorry to say it”.

It’s the third time a contestant from the Philippines has won the title. Am I really Miss Universe? “Colombia!” by the contestants and members of the audience.

But it’s not the first time a wrong victor has been announced. “In the past pageants they steadily removed personality from the competition”, she noted. Featherstone said, “I can’t believe no one from the Miss Universe system stepped in, to help”. “It’s traumatic now but in the long run I think it works out well for everybody”, she said.

Harvey’s blunder was reasonable given that he was hired to host the contest “at the last minute”, a source told Radar Online. Colombia was listed as the first runner-up, and he’d been confused with how it was written.

“That would be a nightmare”, she said.

“I couldn’t even watch it, to be honest”. When you invoke the “I’m human, I make mistakes” excuse, it diminishes your apology (because the shrug is implied). “Very 2015!” Once this all blows over in a few days, we know Pia will be able to really have her moment and bask in the glory!

Steve Harvey, the one who made the Miss Universe mistake, called the country “Columbia”, another article pointed out.

Commissiong was part of the judging panel that saw Miss Colombia 2014 being crowned. Among them is Miss Germany Sarah-Lorraine Riek and, according to her, other contestants in the pageant.

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