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Nicaragua Breached Costa Rican Sovereignty — UN Courtroom

A United Nation court decided that Costa Rica has the power over the swamp side of the San Juan river as reported by The Guardian.

He said the only adverse outcome for Nicaragua was the ICJ’s decision to grant Costa Rica sovereignty over the wetland territory known variably as Isla Calero, Isla Portillos or Harbour Head.

The 16-judge panel found that by “excavating” three channels in the river and “establishing a military presence on Costa Rican territory Nicaragua has violated the territory and sovereignty” of its neighbor. However, Li will now appear in court to face claims he allegedly received bribes for $600,000 in exchange for the broadcast rights of Costa Rica World Cup qualifying matches. 

“The ICJ resolution constitutes total vindication of the national viewpoint on the integrity of our territory”, President Luis Guillermo Solís of Costa Rica said in a news conference in San José.

“But we also are finishing the process of normalizing relations with Latin America’s only Communist regime”, he added.

The court has no power to enforce its rulings, but two countries must agree before a case can be brought before the tribunal.

Costa Rica glorified the ruling as an “overwhelming victory” for their country.

Costa Rica’s president landed in Havana on Sunday amid mounting regional tension over the fate of thousands of Cuban migrants stranded in Costa Rica en route to the United States.

Watch the border dispute by AP Archive.

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