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‘My country is now your country’: Canadians tell Syrian refugees #WelcometoCanada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was photographed on Thursday greeting 163 Syrian refugees who had recently touched down on a government-sponsored flight from Beirut, a painful reminder of how much easier it is to do good things in a country that hasn’t been hijacked by racist ideologues.

Before the refugee families headed to their hotels, they were suited up with winter coats, as Canada’s climes are just a bit different from those in Aleppo and Damascus, where most of the refugees are from.

CN has donated $5 million for Syrian refugee resettlement, and federal cabinet ministers are challenging business leaders to “show a similar generosity”.

The family fled Syria, spent eight months in Lebanon and now they came to Canada because here, Madeleine will have many opportunities, the family said.

But several media outlets pointed out to a big difference in the political tone. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump caused a worldwide uproar with a proposal to temporarily block Muslims from entering the U.S.

In the midst of Canada’s first efforts to resettle Syrian refugees into the country, Canada’s children are sending in heartwarming video messages to welcome their new neighbors, some of which have been compiled in the video above.

The first family was a man, woman and 16-month-old girl.

“We can make it work – we will scramble with whatever gets dumped our way because that’s what we do, that’s what the situation demands”, she said. 54 percent of Canadians said they were against the government resettling Syrian refugees, while 42 percent said they support the plan.

The couple broke down earlier Friday when they met Kazandjian – the last time they saw each other was more than two decades ago. A handful of people gathered at the worldwide arrivals gate at Pearson airport bearing signs and gifts. The bags had items added as people arrived to greet the refugees.

Canada has long prided itself on opening its doors to asylum-seekers.

The feeling seemed to be mutual as many refugees, still tired after a 24-hour journey and tired after years of terror and grief, expressed their gratitude to Trudeau.

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