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Michele Fiore family celebrate Christmas with guns on holiday card

Michele Fiore (in the middle) is a Republican politician from Nevada who has been in office as an assemblywoman since 2013.

If there ever was any doubt about Nevada GOP Assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s position on guns, it shouldn’t be based on her campaign website and her support for Cliven Bundy; the issue should be settled is based on her family’s Christmas card.

The family dons red sweaters and jeans, as many families do in holiday photos, but what makes the seasonal card unique is not the outfits, but what the individuals in it are holding. Seven of the ten people are holding guns. Grandchildren Jake, Jayden, Mara and Morrigan are also pictured. A detail in the top-left of the card even lists the model of guns.

They are “just your ordinary American family”.

“My strong message to you is its [sic] time Americans begin protecting America. -With love & liberty, Michele”, reads the caption on Facebook.

It was just two days before a mass shooting in San Bernardino in which 14 people were killed and another 21 injured.

Ms. Fiore is well-known in the USA for her gun advocacy, and her Facebook page is littered with images of her posing with automatic weapons.

Many on Twitter also expressed outrage over the post.

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